Access trade talent from Europe

With Journeyman, you will get access to Carpenters, Cabinet Makers, Plumbers, Electricians, Roofers and many more skilled tradespeople from Europe!

Request access to talents

After filling out the form below, we will invite you to a first call where we will cover our services as well as how we can best support you.

How Journeyman works

We provide trade talent from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Our trades include Carpenters, Cabinet Makers, Plumbers, Electricians, Welders, Roofers, Gardeners and many more!

We take care of the logistics

Apart from interviewing a candidate and saying yes there is nothing else for you to be done: we take care of his visa, his flight, transportation and housing


European talent kickstarts your business

Having european trade talent support you has two effects: your crew will learn some new ways of doing things and you will become more attractive for local talent!


Different trade from all over Europe

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