Tradespeople from Europe 🇪🇺

With Journeyman, you will get access to Carpenters, Cabinet Makers, Plumbers, Electricians and many more skilled tradespeople from Europe!

What our partners say

Join over 100 happy construction and industrial companies all over the world and gain access to high quality European trade and blue-collar workers

"Having access to Journeyman talents has been crucial to our project success. At any given time, we have over 20 Carpenters from Journeyman working for us"

Founder & CEO Tamarck North

"The quality of talent that Journeman provides is hard to find elsewhere. We will definitely continue using Journeyman´s service."

CEO Looney Electric

"Our sold projects are up 26% due to the additional tradespeople form Journeyman. Setting things up has been very easy."

Project Manager, 2B Plumbing

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How Journeyman works

We provide trade talent from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Our trades include Carpenters, Cabinet Makers, Plumbers, Electricians, Welders, Roofers, Gardeners and many more!

We take care of the logistics

Apart from interviewing a candidate and saying yes there is nothing else for you to be done: we take care of his visas, flights, accomodation and transportation.

Talents to kickstart your business

Having european trade talent support you has two effects: your crew will learn get access to european trade knowledge and you will become more attractive for local talent!

Different trades from all over Europe

All our candidates are pre-vetted tredespeople from Germany, Austria or Switzerland across all main construction and industrial trades.